IoT Enabled Rail People/Product/Property Secure Chain of Custody

In the near future, we anticipate thousands of computers operating for each and every human being. Ensuring that these machines (i.e. computers) are operating to serve the needs of humanity begins with enabling them to establish and maintain secure and trusted relationships with one another. It is essential that the automated identification of assets (people-product-property) is enabling these assets to establish mutual trust and maintain relationships. This session will help provide background that supports the importance of IoT in the rail and intermodal transportation corridor.

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Learning Objectives:

1. Review Internet of Things awareness: how IoT-enabled rail can and is driving operational and business model innovations for rail and intermodal transportation
2. Understand what is a secure chain-of-custody and why it is central to our ever-evolving and technologically advancing rail and intermodal transportation ecosystem
3. Gain understanding of automatic identification technologies and their role in establishing and maintaining a secure chain-of-custody
4. Learn the historical-current-future state of wireless telecommunications industry technologies and their roles in rail and supporting secure chain-of-custody
5. Find out what the future will bring as pervasive machine intelligence serves our human experience

CEUs: 0.1



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