Secure Rail 2017:
Protection, Prevention and Planning For the Future


Secure Rail is the only conference that addresses North American rail security from an organizational perspective on both physical and cyber security. This exclusive conference will showcase industry experts discussing the latest risks and threats to physical and cyber security, how to anticipate future threats, and other topics including managing and protecting employees, passengers and assets. This event is an opportunity to network with your peers and preview the latest products, technologies and services designed to protect you from man-made threats and dangers.


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"The only rail security dedicated conference."

John B. Moore, Business Development Manager - Transportation Infrastructure

Here's a snapshot of what's in store for Secure Rail 2017 attendees:

Secure Rail Conference
2 days of exceptional educational content presented by rail-industry thought leaders
Multiple networking opportunities including lunch each day and a cocktail reception
Online access to the Secure Rail presentations, which will keep your note-taking to a minimum
Access to the Product Showcase with industry leading suppliers and the latest innovators in technology
Secure Rail Conference

Featured Sessions

Leveraging Internal Control and Audit to Address Cyber Threats and Risks

Modern Rail Systems face increasing cyber threats, which can negatively impact the safety and reliability of the infrastructure.

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TSA Office of Security Operations (OSO) Surface Outreach Programs

I-STEP brings public and private sector partners together to conduct exercises, train, share information, and address transportation security issues to protect travelers, commerce, and infrastructure.

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IoT Enabled Rail People / Product / Property Secure Chain of Custody

In our future where we anticipate thousands of computers operating for each and every single human being

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Rosen Plaza Hotel Orlando
9700 International Dr,
Orlando, FL 32819

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Experts from all aspects of transportation security — U.S. government agencies, industry trade organizations, rail organizations, shippers and suppliers come together at Secure Rail providing exclusive insight on rail security. Each presenter was carefully selected and identified for their skillful acumen and approach on the latest risks and threats to physical and cyber security, how to anticipate future threats and how to safeguard your organization from these threats.

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Product Showcase

Secure Rail's product showcase features industry leading suppliers, the latest innovators in technology, and solutions to a variety of safety and security challenges.

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